AddmeFast Points Hack Bot & iMacros

So you probably heard about Addmefast bot or Addmefast imacros. But have you heard about Addmefast points hack? Yes indeed, there is one and we provide it! Let us introduce you our smart, simple and fast product – Addmefast Hack Points Generator v3.20! We worked hard to make a product that is fast, simple to use and the most important – safe. We guaranty safe of your account with proper use of our Addmefast hack tool. You can always make test account to find out how great this tool is, and forget about hours spent on running bots, consuming your time to setup and power.

How does Addmefast hack work?

While we can’t share details in obvious reasons, our program using security leak in order to get to the point system. This happens via administration panel so non of staff member will know about your activity unless you add like billions of points into your account. That’s why you need to use our tool smart, adding small numbers of points. But hey – you can use our Addmefast Generator as often as you want!

Account blasted with Addmefast hack tool

Addmefast points hack setup

First, we’d like to thank you with interests in our product. We do our best to deliver high quality reliable application, so please share our work to your social sites!
Now to start using Addmefast points generator please download it first. Unzip it using Winrar and run it. Those windows will be available to you:


addmefast hack 2016               addmefast bot 2016

On the first one you have to provide your email detail and click Detect button. The checking process will start and validate your account. When it’s done and “green” go to Add Points bookmark.
From there choose the ammount of points you want to add to your Addmefast account and simply click Add button. Within a seconds your account will be filled with points.

NOTE: use it wisely, don’t be greedy, stay under the radar and you WILL be fine!

In short:
  1. Download Addmefast points adder
  2. Unzip the file with winrar
  3. Run Addmefast generator
  4. Enter your account email
  5. Click Detect button
  6. Go to Add Points bookmark
  7. Choose number of points
  8. Click Add button
  9. DONE!

If you are interested in our product please complete an free offer before download for our host company  so we can continue our work.

IMPORTANT: Before click download, make sure to switch OFF programs blocking Ads (AdBlock, AdHunter, AdFender). They can interrupt your download process!

Addmefast hack 2016


Alternative Addmefast hack download: 

Addmefast bot 2016

There is more! We have AddMeFast Bot 2016 and AddMeFast iMacros for Mozilla FireFox


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